Steps to Obtain EV Authentication

The following authentication requirements will be carried out to ensure your order can be processed.

A. Organization Authentication Requirements

The following entities are eligible to receive an EV Certificate provided they are currently registered with and approved by an official registration agency in their jurisdiction. The resulting charter, certificate, license or equivalent must be verifiable through that registration agency.

    Government agencies
    General partnerships
    Unincorporated associations
    Sole proprietorships

Must be able to confirm all of the following organizational registration requirements:

    Official government agency records must include:
        The organization's registration number.
        The organization's date of registration/incorporation.
        The organization's registered address.

B. Domain Authentication Requirements

To qualify for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, domain registration details must reflect the full Organization name as included in the certificate request. Where domain registration does not reflect the organization name as identified in the certificate request, positive confirmation of the Organization's exclusive right to use the domain name is required from the registered domain administrator or with a Lawyer Opinion Letter.

C. Organization's Certificate Approver Authentication Requirements

To qualify for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, the Certificate Approver identified in the certificate request must be employed by the requesting organization and have appropriate authority to obtain and delegate Extended Validation certificate responsibilities.

Employment and authorization cannot be verified through the organization's web site.
If the Certificate Approver identified in the certificate request is listed in government records as a corporate officer (such as Secretary, President, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CSO, Director, or equivalent), then organizational contact employment and authorization can be approved without verifying this information as described below.

GeoTrust must be able to confirm all of the following Certificate Approver requirements:

    Certificate Approver's identity, title, and employment through an independent source.
    Certificate Approver is authorized to obtain and approve EV certificates on behalf of the Organization. This can be verified through one of the following methods:
        A Lawyer's Opinion Letter
        A Corporate Resolution
        Directly contacting the CEO, COO, or similar executive at the organization and confirming the authority of the organizational contact. If no public records are available regarding the CEO, COO, or other executive, GeoTrust will attempt to contact the organization’s Human Resources department for contact details.

D. Order Verification Requirements

GeoTrust must verify the certificate request and all certificate details with the Certificate Approver identified in the certificate request. GeoTrust must contact the Certificate Approver using an independently-verified  telephone number.

This telephone number is obtained through one of the following methods:

    By researching qualified telephone databases to find a telephone number. Ensure your organization’s primary telephone number is listed in a public telephone directory.
    As provided in a Lawyer's Opinion Letter.
    As confirmed during a site visit conducted by GeoTrust.

During the verification call, GeoTrust must verify the following with the Certificate Approver:

    The name of the Certificate Requestor identified in the certificate request and his or her authority to obtain the Extended Validation certificate on behalf of the organization.
    Knowledge of the company's ownership and right to use the domain identified in the certificate request.
    Approval of the Extended Validation SSL Certificate request.
    Acknowledgement of signature of GeoTrust SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement that includes all Extended Validation terms and conditions.

E. Additional Verification requirements

If GeoTrust is unable to verify any of the required information on your certificate application, we may request you to provide a professional opinion from a lawyer or accountant to verify the information.

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