What is SPAM?

What is SPAM?

Are messages sent randomly to a lot of people without their consent to receive, and aims to promote commercial or to promote websites such as porn sites and other sites. Unsolicited spam (spam) messages are considered very dangerous and difficult to deal with. Hackers usually try to send phishing messages through your e-mail after a hacker has penetrated your device.

Other forms of SPAM are non-e-mail, such as mobile phone messages, instant messaging messages, chat rooms and chat rooms. But we are talking here specifically about e-mails .

The damage of spam is the seriousness and inconvenience caused, especially if your mail is compromised and penetrate your device and penetrate your privacy.

The phenomenon of SPAM has affected and continues to have a significant impact on the means of electronic communication, which is a major inconvenience to users of ICT applications in general and Internet users in particular. These are used in fraud, phishing, and spreading of viruses and fraud. They also cause material damage, loss and inconvenience to users of ICT services, Internet service providers, mobile service providers and other stakeholders.

Ways to protect against spam:

Use a strong password consisting of numbers, letters and symbols and at least 7 digits.

Use antivirus and firewall software and keep them up-to-date. Unprotected computers are exploited by spammers, by hacking them and then sending spam through your computer and the source is displayed.

Be wary of using your official email to register in untrusted sites and other sites such as forums.

Dear Customers, Spam messages are considered to be in violation of the terms and conditions.

For more information about security, see the following link:
Information Security

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